What is float fishing?


Float fishing can be done with either a centerpin or spinning reel its a technique that involves using an adjustable float and shot line above the hook to more naturally present bait or flies in moving water. It is one of  the most effective method for fishing for trout in this type of environment. The float allows for precise control of the bait’s depth and speed by adjusting the float and shot line to match the depth of the water. Longer rods are typically used in this method as they help keep the line out of the water during the drift, keeping the line taunt between the float and tip of the rod. This allows for an instant hook set when a fish strikes. At the same time reducing the chances of the fish swallowing the bait or fly and causing unnecessary harm.





A centerpin reel, also known as a float reel, is a type of fishing reel that is commonly used in freshwater fishing, particularly for steelhead and trout. A centerpin reel has a spool that is mounted perpendicular to the rod and rotates around a central axle, allowing the angler to make long, smooth and controlled drifts of their bait or fly. The centerpin reel design allows the line to flow freely off the spool, providing a natural drift that can be more attractive to predatory fish. Centerpin reels are often used in conjunction with a centerpin rod and are an essential component of centerpin fishing.